“Afterpay helps make my handcrafted jewellery accessible.”

Natalie Fitch on why she partnered with Afterpay - and how it offers her customers options.

Natalie Fitch never intended to launch a business. When she first started making jewellery for family and friends, she viewed it as more of a creative outlet than a career.

Fast forward 13 years and Fitch oversees a thriving jewellery brand, Natalie Marie Jewellery, based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, which employs 12 jewellers.

What hasn’t changed is Fitch’s passion for handcrafted jewellery, made with high-quality, sustainable materials - or her desire to connect with her customers and create highly personal, meaningful pieces.

“It’s because I’m so engaged with customers and because I understand why they’re purchasing pieces that we decided to offer Afterpay,” says Fitch. 

It's because I'm so engaged with customers... that we decided to offer Afterpay.

- Natalie Fitch

“We wanted to make our pieces as accessible as possible,” says Fitch, who notes that because the brand uses predominantly Australian materials and produces everything in-house, pieces can be expensive.

“Afterpay provides our customers the opportunity to buy a piece that really speaks to them – it’s about giving our clients options.”


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