Headline article image How influencers and urgency helped UGG Express win Afterpay Day

How influencers and urgency helped UGG Express win Afterpay Day

UGG Express’ sales soared by 42 per cent during Afterpay Day. Here's how they did it.

When Australian ugg boot company UGG Express first took part in Afterpay Day four years ago, it barely promoted the event. It was only when the brand started marketing it on its own social channels that they truly saw success.

“You have to use all your own marketing channels,” advises UGG Express marketing manager Laura Li.

UGG Express started as a family business in 1970, focused on creating high-quality, reasonably priced ugg boots. Now, it’s a thriving Australian footwear, and accessories retailer, online and offline, with 30-plus brick-and-mortar stores and just under 100 staff – but their devotion to quality and comfort remains.

 ‘We use premium Australian sheepskin to craft our uggs, and Australian sheepskin lasts for years. Plus, we offer the best price in the market,’ explains Li, who adds that warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne mean the brand can offer fast delivery.

Last year the business’ Afterpay Day strategy resulted in a revenue increase of 42 per cent, as well as a 27 per cent increase in new customers

Set a competitive offer

“Afterpay Day is now pretty well known in Australia,” says Li. “Which is a good thing – but also means your competitors will likely be involved. Do some research to set a competitive price and diversify your product offer – that can really help to attract more customers.”

Time it right

UGG Express drives promotion across multiple channels, including email, leading in, right before and during the event but “no longer than a week before the event, with three to four days before being the best lead time to foster that sense of urgency”.

Use urgency

In fact, emphasising urgency is another key tip from Li, who explains that UGG Express’ omnichannel marketing strategy focuses on creating a sense of urgency, with a simple message: It’s Afterpay Day … 15% Off Storewide … 4 days only.

Take an omnichannel approach

The company’s multi-pronged approach includes Google ads, email campaigns, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and a home page takeover.

While Google and EDMs drive the most direct website traffic, the team learnt that using all digital channels delivers the best results.

UGG Express invested in Google ads in 2022, and Li advises that one tactic merchants could try is a lead generation funnel – i.e. getting customers to sign up to your email list so that you can let them know once the offer is live. Or even offer early access.

Instagram, Meta, Pinterest

UGG Express posted 3-4 paid and organic posts in the lead-up to, right before and during Afterpay Day.

Try influencers

UGG Express also utilised their regular micro-influencers by providing them with product and a clear briefing on key messages to post just prior.

Consider customer experience

Remember it’s not just about the pre-event marketing.

‘This event will drive a lot of sales so businesses should use it to build a strong relationship with the customer. They need to provide outstanding customer service, especially during the after-sale service’ advises Li.

Create after-sales funnels

Communicating after the event and creating after-sale funnels are more likely to convert the new customers into regular customers – for example: thank the customer, encourage them to sign up to your newsletter or follow you on social media, or even offer them a special discount for their next purchase.

‘Afterpay Day works really well, it’s great for sales. No business should miss out.’

 Li recommends, ‘Analyse all data sets – use everything from your own platforms, and the report that Afterpay provides. Assess and analyse customer behaviours and patterns so you can optimise and perform even better in the future.’

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