Headline article image Real retailers reveal how to win at Afterpay Day

Real retailers reveal how to win at Afterpay Day

Discover tactics and tips to boost awareness and drive sales this Afterpay Day.

The countdown is on until Afterpay Day – and this year it promises to be better and bigger than ever.

For retailers, Afterpay Day is the perfect opportunity to boost sales and reach new customers. But registering to participate isn’t enough; the secret to success – and driving sales – is in the way retailers promote their offer.

To help you plan your strategy, we spoke to several retailers – from fashion brands to furniture retailers – who found success with Afterpay Day last year and uncovered their tips and tactics to making the most of this key sales event.

Plan in advance

One universal tip when it comes to Afterpay Day? Planning your promotion strategy well in advance.

“We work Afterpay Day into existing planned sales periods,” says Vanessa Chui of children’s nursery furniture brand, Boori, who explains that she takes Afterpay Day into account when planning her annual marketing activities.

Olivia Coleman, the founder of fashion brand All Things Golden, begins mapping out her organic and paid social media campaigns two months in advance.

 “There’s no room to test and learn on the day,” adds OrbitKey marketing manager Hans Suhartanto. “You have to have it all organised beforehand to get the most value out of Afterpay Day.”

Promote with paid media

Amplify your brand’s participation in Afterpay Day with organic and paid social media posts. Last year, All Things Golden posted across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Meanwhile Boori found success with pay-per-click Google search advertising. “During promotional periods we put a lot more budget towards PPC Google ads,” says Chui, “which we’ve found can be really good for short-term events like sales.”

In fact, 361,000 shoppers searched for Afterpay on Google during the last Afterpay Day event.

Utilise Afterpay’s marketing templates

Overwhelmed by the prospect of creating social media assets for Afterpay Day? Don’t forget to download Afterpay’s social media templates, which make creating social media posts simple. These templates allow retailers to add their own product imagery or brand colours and post straight to social media.

“[The templates] make it easier for us to take part,” says Chui. ‘They’re really helpful.”

Turn to influencers

Another tactic to boost awareness of Afterpay Day? Social media influencers. In fact, last year, UGG Express, which saw a 42 per cent lift in sales during Afterpay Day, reached out to micro-influencers to help them spread the word.

Drive the message home

Make your Afterpay Day offer unmissable with a home-page takeover that lets anyone who lands on your website aware they can spend and save.

All Things Golden, UGG Express and e.l.f cosmetics all promoted Afterpay Day across their website and home page. 

Don’t overlook existing customers

 Afterpay Day is a great way to reach new customers, but don’t forget to communicate your offer to your loyal fans, too.

All Things Golden used SMS and email to give loyal customers a sneak preview of their Afterpay Day offer. “We generally use [Afterpay Day] as an opportunity to provide extra value to our existing customer database.”

“[Sending emails and text messages] allows them to shop before everybody else,” says Coleman, “and as we produce in limited quantities this means there's less chance they'll miss out on the things they love.”

Your Afterpay Day checklist

  • Submit your offer by 2 August

  • Utilise Afterpay Day marketing toolkits to promote your offer online & in-store

  • Post across your owned social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook, and don’t forget to hashtag #afterpayday

  • Consider investing in paid amplification of social media posts

  • Feature your Afterpay Day offer on your website

  • Engage influencers to spread the word

  • Use SMS and email to reach existing customers

  • Ensure that your store is Afterpay Day ready - with staff trained, signage installed and services like click and collect available.

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