Headline article image 6 ways to help drive more sales with Afterpay

6 ways to help drive more sales with Afterpay

Letting customers know you offer Afterpay is the first step to driving more (and higher) sales.

It’s one thing to sign up with Afterpay. But to really see the benefits, it’s important to let your customers know you have it.

Retailers communicate they have Afterpay as a payment method in a range of creative ways – from using digital banners when shoppers first arrive on-site, to weaving Afterpay messaging into their marketing, social media or on their product pages.

“Offering Afterpay can drive up average order value, increase incremental sales and attract new customers.”

And we know that the offer of Afterpay as a payment method can drive up average order value, increase incremental sales and attract a new customer base. So, here are 8 brilliant ways merchants are using this game-changing service to help drive more sales and reach new customers.

1. Feature Afterpay on social media

For many retailers, social media works as a virtual shopfront. A recent report by digital agency Composed found that 60 per cent of Gen Z shoppers in the US use Instagram to discover new brands and products, and more and more consumers are buying straight from social media thanks to shoppable posts and pins.

That’s why social media profile pages are a powerful way to let customers (and prospective buyers) know you have Afterpay (and to help drive more sales) as a payment option.

Multi-Vitamin company Good4Me features Afterpay in its Instagram bio. And New York film processing business Photo Dom promoted its partnership by creating a dedicated co-branded Instagram post.

2. Place Afterpay prominently on your website

Knowing Afterpay is available is an important factor for customers when deciding whether to make a purchase. The sooner they know you offer it as a payment option, the better. 

“At Poketo, we display the Afterpay logo clearly on our website,” says Ted Vadakan, co-founder of Los Angeles art and homeware store Poketo.

3. Website footer

Another key way to let customers know is in the footer of your site, as Drunk Elephant and Biossance have done. This is an easily done way to help drive more BNPL (buy now pay later) sales.

4. Product page

Santa Monica beauty brand Topicals features Afterpay on its product description pages, to let its customer base know how much they’ll pay per payment with Afterpay's BNPL scheme.

Brands like leather goods retailer Parker Clay and luxury womenswear McMullen Boutique also feature Afterpay at this key decision-making point in the customer’s payment process.

McMullen Boutique founder Sherri McMullen says that clearly offering Afterpay has helped the business reach younger consumers who may not have a credit card but want the flexibility of BNPL. “We’ve definitely seen an increase in a younger demographic. We’re able to see that we can reach more consumers by allowing more flexibility with payments. It’s been wonderful. It was a great opportunity to be able to reach a new audience and gain more sales and more revenue by offering it.”

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Another way to help drive sales is to create a dedicated FAQ page, which addresses any questions customers may have – like Lush US. The beauty and bath brand has created a customer care page that explains exactly how to use Afterpay as a payment option online and in-store, to reduce any friction in the path to purchase. This can help customers feel more relaxed about making a purchase using Afterpay and understand the benefits, any fees, payment terms, rewards, installment options and offers on your website.

Offering comprehensive information about BNPL options and how it works also means fewer questions via customer support lines.

6. Emails

Letting your customers know that you’re prioritising their needs by providing alternative ways to pay is a great opportunity to connect with them and drive more sales. When Japanese skincare line Tatcha launched with Afterpay, a dedicated solus newsletter was sent out to subscribers, explaining exactly how it works and demonstrating how popular products can be split into four payments.

Want to drive more sales with Afterpay? Check out more tips and tricks here.

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